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Nothing really beats a brilliant book! An engagingly written book proves to be a great way to learn in-depth strategies and tactics. Most prominent business books offer suggestions you can explore in your day-to-day tasks along with your long-term career path. When it comes to learning, books go a step beyond blogs and help us develop our thinking and reasoning. Hence, like in any other field, it is important to read good books on SaaS marketing.

Here are a few books on SaaS Marketing that offer a fresh perspective:

1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

SaaS Marketing Books Influence

This book hit the shelves almost over ten years ago, but its principles and concrete advice are still relevant and helpful to SaaS founders. Dr. Robert Cialdini shares his perspective on selling by building influence and ultimately getting to the heart of what matters to your customers. The books give a concrete idea to incorporate into SaaS sales strategies that are tried and true. 

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2. The Sales Acceleration Formula

Books for SaaS Marketers - Sales Acceleration

For SaaS founders who are moving into sales for the first time, this is the right book. Mark Roberge uses an immense amount of data to showcase how to create strategies for exponential sales. He misses nothing from hiring, training, managing, and generating demand, focusing on data, technology, and inbound selling. This book will resonate with those who are analytically minded. 

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3. To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

Books on Selling SaaS Product

If you are looking for a philosophical approach and analysis for sales, then this is the book for you. Daniel H. Pink showcases all how employees and entrepreneurs sell every day to each other. He explores the different ways in which the approach to selling can be more human and less of an over-the-top persuasion-focused machine. This book is a must for SaaS companies in the ‘relationship era’ of sales and marketing. 

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4. SaaS Sales for Startup Founders – How to Sell SaaS Products When You’re Not a Sales Pro

Book on SaaS Sales and Marketing

Steli Efti does a great job of over-delivering his content without over-complicating it. If you do not come from a sales background, this book is definitely worth reading. The book takes you through the steps of validating your idea, your sales approach, and concrete advice on when you to hire salespeople for your SaaS. Steli talks about how to level up your sales game to the pro level and how to sell to companies and even governments. The book also offers examples and templates for emails and calls. 

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5. The 2020 Startup Sales Playbook 

SaaS  Startup Book

The playbook includes inputs from the professionals at Close, PandaDoc, Vidyard, Predictable Revenue, and LeadFuze. This playbook covers a whole range of different topics, with 17 chapters that will give you an overview of everything you might want to know about sales. It also includes up-to-date advice on using videos in your emails, following up with prospects, and so much more!

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6. The Sales Handbook by Intercom

SaaS Marketing Book

This book comprises podcast excerpts, internal interviews, and samples from other sales leaders. It is a collection of top-quality content on sales, and each page gives practical advice from well-known experts with over 30 sales leaders involved. The book has dedication sections on real-time sales and how the changes in technology have meant changes to the sales process. There are also sections on personalization and the use of automation that give a glimpse of the future of sales. 

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7. Enabling Top-Performing Sales Teams 

SaaS Funnel Design Book

This book carries another collection of thoughts and lessons delivered by sales leaders from some of the hottest SaaS companies. Each chapter dives deep into the subject. The book is very informative and useful as it draws on the experiences of SaaS leaders with clear examples to follow. 

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8. The Sales Development Playbook 

SaaS Sales Development Book

The author drew on her 30+ years of experience and compiled this book with strategies, stories, examples, and tools for sales development. She helps her readers find the right model for their business. Trish helps SaaS marketers understand where each model works best so that you can decide for yourself. If you want a head-start on sales development, this is the book for you. 

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9. The SaaS Sales Method

SaaS Sales Book

The SaaS Sales Method stands out from a lot of books as its focus on the details and science behind sales instead of relying on an assortment of feel-good stories and recycled advice. The book is especially useful for those who are new to SaaS sales and provides a strong foundation for how SaaS has required changes to the sales process. It also explains which moments matter the most to your customers and how you can build your process around those moments.  

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10. Data-Driven Sales 

Data Based Book on Sales of SaaS

Clearbit lays emphasis on data throughout the book. Each chapter is written by experts, and it is intriguing to read examples of how they have implemented data-driven solutions to some of the biggest sales problems. This book answers why data is so important and gives clear examples of how data has made a difference for companies. It also goes in depth to explain the criteria important in a sales hire but also how to accurately assess those to make better decisions. 

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Bonus for SaaS Marketing: Selling Through Content 

The best book for SaaS Marketers

Selling Through Content is a great book, even if you are a novice in the world of SaaS marketing. The book dives deeper into how SaaS companies can make the most of content marketing and grow their business. Yogesh Jain addresses every aspect of selling through content through fundamentals of campaign planning, funnel design, social media management, and so much more. What makes it easy to resonate with this book is the stories it shares through experience and case studies. The book helps its readers understand the real-life application of concepts and implementing a content marketing strategy that sells. 

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for inspiration and a fresh start, download or buy these books. Explore new perspectives, ideas, and inspiration from those who have been there!

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