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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips For B2B Businesses

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One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that emails have a much longer shelf life than other social media marketing posts. As email marketing is booming, it is becoming one of the most preferred channels for marketing, especially for B2B businesses. It not only allows for direct conversations with the customers, but also […]

11 Things That You Should Analyse in Your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is, by far, one of the most popular and yet, unfortunately, also the most underutilized digital analytics solution. This is primarily because most website owners do not understand the true capabilities of this tool. Once set up properly, Google Analytics gathers relevant data about website visitors, giving marketers the chance to understand and […]

Deciphering Agile Marketing: Meaning, Principles & Benefits

Agile Marketing and Strategize - Meaning, Application and Benefits

An agile marketing approach is a potential approach in which teams focus on significant projects first, completion of those projects with team efforts, analyzing and calculating their impact, and then rectifying the mistakes and increasing the outcome continuously. It is a clear and precise process-driven way of marketing. It concerns on the delivery of transparent communication, successful collaborations and the experience and knowledge sharing phenomenon. This approach is one reason for the success of many businesses. So in this article, let us analyze it.

4 Steps: How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Channels?

How to choose the right digital marketing channels

26% marketers face difficulty while choosing the right marketing channels for their business. With so many options available out their it is becoming increasingly complex to choose the right one for a business. In this article, we will talk about the top 6 digital marketing channels and 4 steps to choose the right ones for your business.

5 Simple Steps: Create Content Strategy Plan From Your Buyer’s Journey

how to create a content strategy plan

Create content is easy but creating content that brings revenue is difficult. In order to succeed with content marketing, you need a content strategy that attracts your target buyers and converts them into paying customers. In order to achieve that level of content marketing, you need to create content in accordance with your buyer’s journey. Your content should move the visitors from one stage of buying cycle to another. Know the exact 5 steps to create a winning content strategy that actually converts.

5 Steps to Implement Marketing Automation for Small Business

implment marketing automation software for small business

Think about your present marketing activities for a minute. Are you getting returns from your online marketing? If not, then marketing automation can do this for you. Marketing Automation streamlines your marketing activities and focuses on bringing actual conversions. Know more about it and learn how to implement it in your marketing strategy.