Selling Through Content

‘Selling Through Content’ illustrates how SaaS and service businesses can use content marketing to build and grow their business. The book explores the concepts and tools useful for market research, planning, and execution. We will understand the fundamentals of campaign planning, funnel design, social media management, and email marketing to reach a content marketing strategy that sells.

A Lot of Learning Aids

You will find personal anecdotes, case studies, research, best practices, tips, tricks, steps, visual aids, and a lot of excel sheets to help you grasp the concepts.

A Lot of Helping Learning Aids for Your Digital Content Marketing
case studies included in selling through content for your ease

Real-World Examples

We have done a detailed study of Shopify, Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Adobe, Salesforce, and many more successful companies so you can see how each process is implemented in real-life scenarios.

In-Depth Explanation

We cover each concept – market research, campaign planning, social channels and funnel design – with, notes examples and use cases.

in depth explanation of marketing concepts

What You Learn From 'Selling Through Content'?

After reading this book, you’ll excel in the following marketing skills:

1. Deliver Powerful Content

You will learn how to use market research tools like Buyer Persona, SWOT analysis, and Competitive Landscape analysis to deliver powerful content that converts.

2. Make Funnels That Convert

No more aimless content creation. This book will help you deliver content that moves your prospects through the sales journey.

3. Have a Solid Hold on Campaign Planning

You will understand the nuances of making a stellar content calendar and social media plan through best practices and examples.

4. Do Storytelling Through Emails

Explore drip email marketing and learn how to apply it in your business by sending emails based on user’s actions.

Yogesh Jain

About the Author:

Yogesh Jain is a certified digital marketer with experience in working with over 15 SaaS business. In his career as a digital marketer, he experienced the industry from different viewpoints. First as a content marketer, then as an account executive, and now as a strategy consultant and media buyer. 

From scaling traffic organically from 10,000 to 100,000 visitors organically to managing over $200,000 of the budget in performance marketing, he delivered exponential growth for multiple businesses, some of which started as a garage startup. His diverse experience with growth startups helped him take critical responsibilities early in his career.

He believes in taking an audience-first approach in marketing and delivering concrete value. His books are an attempt to pour in the experience and knowledge gained from working for a diverse clientele and help fellow marketers and business executives learn from his experience.