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Are you a thought leader in Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, SEO, Web Design or Digital Marketing? Feel free to share your articles or drop a guest post.

Stuck Somewhere? Let me help you. I also provide pro-Bono consultations for branding, content marketing and ad optimization. 

About Me:


I am Yogesh Jain, founder of Concept Allies. I started as a blogger and found my love for marketing.

Now I have 5+ years of experience with hands-on expertise in Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, SEM, SMM, Inbound, and content marketing. I am also certified in Marketo, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, and Adwords.

• Grew website visitors from 2500 to over 100,000 in just 1 year, with a landing page conversion rate of 15% to 18% for NewGenApps.
• Managed SEM for a client GrowthPlug with a budget monthly between 1K-5K USD.
• Worked effectively on content marketing & SEO of a range of client like Sopact, Digiby, CoreHealth Global, Camabeds, etc.
• Managed a team of over 15 people from media buyers, creatives to reporting to deliver full-fledged campaigns for fortune 500 companies at Knorex.
• Worked on Social Media campaigns for Shishir Shrivastava & LPS Business School.

From starting my own blog to managing accounts in an advertising company I have worked in this field in all directions.

I love to connect, converse and help, so feel free to reach out. 🙂