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An Ape’s Reasoning for Micro-Influencer Marketing: Why it Works?

why and how micro-influencer marketing works

Micro-influencer marketing campaigns go viral easily and they have an authentic edge. One of the reasons why they are successful is that we like to imitate our peers. Know how mirror neurons come into play in making micro-influencer marketing campaigns a success and what monkeys have to do with this.

Who are Micro-Influencers and How to Find the Right One?

who are microinfluencers, where to find them and why to choose influencers

Today, brands need to reach out to the millennial audiences who find it comforting on social media but not in front of television. Moreover, television and movie ads are very costly and are beyond the reach of small business. Hence business especially SMBs have opted for micro-influencers who have a limited reach but they serve the purpose of the campaign. It make sense to opt for this approach as we are much more responsive to influencer endorsements than an advertisement. Studies have shown that an average person (like us) trust influencers’ opinions almost as much as that of our friends and families. Through this blog you’ll know – who are micro-influencers, why should you hire them and how to find the right ones for your business.

Deciphering Agile Marketing: Meaning, Principles & Benefits

Agile Marketing and Strategize - Meaning, Application and Benefits

An agile marketing approach is a potential approach in which teams focus on significant projects first, completion of those projects with team efforts, analyzing and calculating their impact, and then rectifying the mistakes and increasing the outcome continuously. It is a clear and precise process-driven way of marketing. It concerns on the delivery of transparent communication, successful collaborations and the experience and knowledge sharing phenomenon. This approach is one reason for the success of many businesses. So in this article, let us analyze it.

Fear Of Missing Out: Using FOMO and Anti-FOMO in Marketing

FOMO Anti-FOMO Fear of Missing Out

FOMO aka Fear Of Missing Out refers to a feeling of being left out. Our natural instinct to “be in the know” causes such fear in our brain. This fear is being leveraged by marketers since a long time. Surprisingly, some studies in the field have shown that using anti-FOMO is a better alternative than making money out of consumers’ fear. In this article, you will get to know some new techniques for using FOMO while still creating a good customer experience.

Co-creation: User Generated Content Techniques

Co-creation and user generated content

Co-creation is a consumer driven marketing initiative which involves engaging consumers in the innovation and development of the product. It offers insights into the consumer needs and increases success rate of products. Different ways of carrying a co-creation campaign are discussed here.